EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques.

It does just that, frees us from negative emotions that form the basis of almost all our physical illnesses and create a barrier from us to know true love and inner peace.

It’s amazingly simple, fast and effective.

It’s based on tapping on a set of 9 acupuncture points while focusing on a negative issue by repeating simple phrases customized to clear that energy from your system.

This allows you to see your problem from a different perspective and thus accept it with peace and forgiveness. Releasing stress, regret, guilt, anger, sadness etc. allows your body and mind to return to its natural energy flow thus returning us to a healthier mental and physical state.

We are so confident as to the definite positive outcome from these sessions, that we guarantee them, if you feel no positive improvement we accept no fees.

We also offer beginner courses so you can easily continue to release past traumas and ones that inevitably crop up in life.