Healing Natural is your private retreat. Healing Natural is your oasis, your garden, your mountain glade.

It’s your place to come relax, rejuvenate and learn to remember your deepest truth.

We are here for you and your dearest to help you heal and learn skills that will enable you to continue that process and share it compassionately when you venture back into society.

Here you can let go of everyday concerns and create a brighter vision, to become more energetic and in harmony with the situation of your current life story.

This is your hermitage serving your specific needs so you can better serve your world.


We dream of the world being a garden. A garden where each may grow freely to blossom, fruit and seed new generations to come.

We believe each of has our own unique niche in this garden, each a perfect unit in a natural harmony. Given the space and time to grow, being left to find our own way to the light we become our true selves.

Our service is simply to provide the space, and as gardeners to cultivate an atmosphere conducive to optimum growth by helping you prune unneeded branches, and promoting the development of new buds that spring to life.

We aim to serve you so you may serve to co-create the highest beauty of this divine garden.